Executive Secretary, SDWG

The Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) welcomes applications for an Executive Secretary at the newly established  SDWG Secretariat at Université Laval in Quebec...
31 Oct 2022

SDWG's Social, Economic and Cultural Expert Group Releases First State of Knowledge Report

SDWG's Social, Economic and Cultural Expert Group releases a new State of Knowledge Report focused on Renewable Economies in the Arctic.
24 Jan 2022

SDWG Welcomes new SDWG-IASSA-IASC Fellow, Silja Zimmerman

Silja Zimmerman, PhD Candidate at Utrecht University, is the inaugural SDWG-IASSA-IASC Fellow. This fellowship, offered for the first time for 2022, encourages an early...
12 Jan 2022

Introducing the new SDWG Chair: “It’s necessary to protect Arctic cultures, languages and traditions.”

Abidat Magomedova is the new Chair of the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG). She serves as Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation and T...
14 Dec 2021

Award-winning Arctic Council project brings Indigenous food culture to Arctic Food Festival in Moscow

The EALLU Indigenous Youth, Food Knowledge and Arctic Change project recently won the Gourmand Best of the Best Award and will present the traditional food culture of Ind...
08 Dec 2021

Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group Met in Moscow

The Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) met in Moscow in a hybrid format.
08 Nov 2021

Time-witness reports: I was dealing with the nuts and bolts

Bernard Funston is one of the architects of key documents that still guide the Arctic Council’s work today. A lawyer by training monitoring the Arctic Environmental Prote...
27 Oct 2021

Quiz: Which 2021 Arctic Council report should you read based on your interests?

In 2021, the Arctic Council's Working and Expert Groups released over 50 new reports on topics including climate change, emergency response, biodiversity, Arctic shi...
25 Oct 2021

Time witness reports: The Council’s informal structure has been important to its longevity and success

Harald Finkler has experienced and captured the evolution of the Arctic Council firsthand – both with his camera and in his interview for this time witness report. For al...
05 Oct 2021

Arctic Council Active launches ‘Anniversary Relay Race’

Learn more about the Arctic Council while logging kilometers in a joint effort to move with our Arctic fox through the Council’s history
22 Sep 2021

Roundtable on Resilience of Indigenous Peoples, Cities and Businesses in the Arctic

The Russian Federation's new Chair of the Social, Economic and Cultural Expert Group (SECEG) hosts a Roundtable on Resilience of Indigenous Peoples, Cities and Busin...
21 Sep 2021

The Arctic Council celebrates 25 years of Arctic cooperation

The world’s leading international forum for Arctic cooperation reflects on the unique collaboration among Arctic States and Arctic Indigenous Peoples, and looks forward t...
16 Sep 2021

Introducing the new SDWG Chair: “We can bring concrete results to people in the Arctic"

Dr. Oleg Solyakov is the new Chair of the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) and with the Russian Chairmanship’s focus on people in the Arctic, he enters his ro...
13 Jul 2021

Following the tracks of snowbirds: The Arctic Demography Index

For the first time, the Arctic Council will develop a comprehensive insight to demographic trends in the Arctic. The Arctic Demography Index will look into the natural ca...
01 Jul 2021

Announcement of the new SDWG Chair, Oleg Solyakov, following the first SDWG Executive meeting of the Russian Chairmanship

The first meeting of the Sustainable Development Working Group was held within the framework of the Chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council on 17 Jun...
29 Jun 2021