Social, Economic, and Cultural Expert Group



Under the direction of the SDWG, the Social, Economic and Cultural Expert Group (SEC) supports work to advance social, economic and cultural research in the development of sustainable and integrated approaches emerging in the circumpolar region. The SEC shall provide the SDWG with relevant information, but it shall also collaborate with other Arctic Council Working Groups, Permanent Participants, academic institutions and other relevant circumpolar organizations and observers.


  • The SDWG HoDs will each nominate a representative to an interim SEC expert group. The first task of this expert group will be to meet and advise the SDWG HoDs on emerging priorities and possible actions, and on identifying the scope of expertise needed to undertake the work.
  • SDWG retains the option to review and confirm SEC nominees biennially.


  • The SEC expert group is a subsidiary body of the SDWG and as such is accountable to the SDWG. Accordingly, pursuant to Rule 28 of the Rules of Procedure of the Arctic Council, the activities of the SEC are also subject to the Rules of Procedure of the Arctic Council.
  • The expert group will serve as the SDWG’s institutional capacity to provide advice and to assist the SDWG in the research and production of specialized reports on Arctic human development.
  • At the request of the SDWG, the expert group will undertake regular gap analyses to identify research priorities which will assist the SDWG in framing its human development research agenda. This priority-based agenda will support the SDWG in its biennium work planning and in addressing intercessional pressures and priority adjustments.
  • Under the direction of the SDWG, the SEC will undertake priority based project development; review and recommend research proposals for SDWG endorsement and approval by SAOs and AC Ministers. SEC project proposals must also comply with the “SDWG Procedures for submitting, approving and managing project proposals (2006)” and “SDWG Project Proposal Template (2011)”
  • As required, the expert group may provide advice to the AC and its Working Groups on broader cross-cutting activities with a requirement for human development research and data analysis. Conversely, the SEC could be a conduit between the Working Groups and other stakeholders interested in working with the SDWG on its human development research priorities.
  • SDWG may require SEC to submit a written report 30 days prior to SDWG Regular meetings, and may request SEC to prepare and/or make presentations at SDWG and SAO meetings on its activities.
  • The SDWG Chair, or a designated representative, will attend SEC meetings and events.


  • To establish an interdisciplinary group comprised of Indigenous Peoples and other Arctic representatives, organizations, researchers, statisticians, social scientists, economists, academics, and others to provide from the Arctic region perspective, further insight into the human dimension in the Arctic.
  • To fully engage Indigenous Peoples, Arctic communities and decision-makers, and relevant organizations in the development of research instruments and analyses to better understand community-based responses.
  • To strengthen cooperation and collaboration between the SDWG and other Arctic Council Working Groups, observers and other organizations in the development and implementation of comparative human dimension research to better understand the human influences on the Arctic environment.
  • At the request of the SDWG, SEC may provide timely updates/reports on SDWG human dimension activities at Arctic Council meetings, conferences and gatherings.
Julia Zvorykina

Arctic Athabaskan Council (AAC)
Norma Shorty

Aleut International Association (AIA)
Liza M. Mack

David Natcher

Timo Koivurova

Gwich'in Council International (GCI)
Sam Alexander

Embla Eir Oddsdóttir

Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC)
John Crump

Kingdom of Denmark

Naja Carina

Frode Mellemvik

Grigory Ledkov

Russian Federation
Natalia A. Porotnikova and Nikonorov Sergey Mikhailovich

Saami Council

Peter Skold

Erica Hill

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