The Arctic Energy Summit is a three-day conference that establishes a comprehensive approach to Arctic energy that includes oil and gas development, renewable energy resource potential and projects, and remote energy systems. The Summit is intended to share best practices and emerging technology and process innovation as well as relevant and topical policy issues. The Summit covers such topics as financing and investment, off-grid utility efficiency, energy efficiency, carbon intervention and emission reductions, and transportation of fuel. Topics related to supportive energy and environmental regulation are also considered. It fosters an exchange of new ideas and vigorous discussion, with recommendations produced that suggest pilot projects, research gaps and best practices. The outcomes from the Energy Summit include the identification of policy approaches, best practices, research questions and potential projects that will advance the application of emerging energy technologies and adoption of renewable energy; foster greater benefits to northern peoples, including via non-renewable resource production; while minimizing environmental, social, cultural and economic risk. Energy is a fundamental component of sustainable development and is a crucial element of both human development and economic activity, balanced against protection of the environment and respect for traditional ways of living.

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