Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas (AREA)

AREA is an online tool designed to enhance knowledge of the best practices and local adaptation actions on Arctic renewable energy and energy efficiency. The initial website, which was developed in Phase I (2015-2017), visualizes collected renewable energy supply and demand data.

During Phase II (2017-2019), the project will continue to develop the website and include Arctic-wide local community energy success stories. The online atlas provides solar, wind, geothermal, marine and hydrokinetic resource maps within an easily accessible format. AREA will also eventually overlay existing energy generation capabilities to allow easy visualization of localized supply and demand and encourage clean energy prospecting and investment. Finally, in an effort to profile and share best practices gleaned from traditional and local knowledge, AREA will display videos from Arctic community stakeholders discussing successes and challenges found in developing clean energy projects.

AREA is available free of charge to the public, investors, policy makers, researchers, and Arctic public officials to raise awareness on energy efficiency opportunities and renewable energy development potential in the Arctic.

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