The second Arctic Resilience Forum was held online every Wednesday from 11:30am – 1:00pm (EST) over a series of ten weeks, beginning October 7, 2020. Each session touched on a specific aspect of Arctic resilience.

The forum seeks to actively engage participants in conversations about how to build the resilience of Arctic communities and ecosystems. It offers the opportunity to discuss concrete best practices and experiences from the Council and the broader community of circumpolar experts and knowledge holders. The Arctic Resilience Forum aims to continue to strengthen cooperation on resilience work.

The topics covered included:

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November 18: Gender

November 25: Socio-Ecological Resilience

December 2: Financing Resilience

December 9: Infrastructure

December 16: Indigenous Knowledge


If you missed any sessions you can check out the video recordings below.

Summaries of sessions are now being prepared and will be available soon.

Arctic Resilience Forum Sessions

Indigenous Youth Leadership Session (7 October 2020)

Food Security Sessioon (14 October 2020)

Renewable Energy Session (21 October 2020)

Human Health & Pandemics Session (28 October 2020)

Broadband Connectivity Session (11 November 2020)

Gender Session (18 November 2020)

Socio-Ecological Resilience Session (25 November 2020)

Financing Resilience Session (2 December 2020)

Infrastructure Session (9 December 2020)

Indigenous Knowledge Session (16 December 2020)

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