Assessing the Use of Heavy Fuel Oils (HFOs) in Indigenous Communities

A project in partnership with the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group (PAME) to collect, report and/or review information about on-shore use by indigenous peoples and local communities of HFOs as well as the extent to which such peoples and communities rely on ships that burn HFOs to deliver supplies and provisions. The project will provide a greater understanding of the importance of HFOs to Arctic communities. As nations and the IMO consider phasing out the use of HFO as a fuel by ships in the Arctic in order to protect the marine environment, it is important to understand whether such actions might have unintended impacts on Arctic residents. By surveying Arctic communities and asking how they generate electricity, heat their homes, and move goods in and out of their communities, this project will help Arctic States make better-informed decisions regarding the regulation of HFO.

A new project in SDWG commencing in the Finnish Chairmanship (2017-2019). See also PAME work on this subject.

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