The Economy of the North 2015 (ECONOR III) will provide an updated overview of the economy, socio-economic living conditions and environmental issues in the circumpolar Arctic, as impacted by the global economy and climate change. The report, to be published in March 2016, will update and follow upon the previous ECONOR reports, ECONOR I, (2006) and ECONOR II (2008). A main motivation for the ECONOR projects has been to harmonize socio-economic statistical data across national and regional borders. The ECONOR reports have contributed to obtaining an informative overview; however, circumpolar comparison of economic data is not yet established in official statistical systems. The purpose of establishing a harmonized statistical overview is to improve the knowledge basis for policy-making in relation to natural resource management and social development. Like the previous ECONOR projects, ECONOR III responds mainly to two of six SDWG priority thematic areas, namely Arctic Socio-economic Issues and Management of Natural Resources.

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