ECONOR IV will provide an updated ECONOR report “The Economy of the North 2020” with a circumpolar overview of the economy, socioeconomic conditions and sustainability issues in the Arctic. Climate change and global economic development have large impacts on Arctic environment and nature-based livelihoods of Arctic Indigenous peoples and other Arctic residents and communities. The interdisciplinary approach of ECONOR is crucial in order to strengthen the knowledge base for policies for Arctic natural resource management, socioeconomic development and sustainability. ECONOR contributes to harmonize socioeconomic statistical data across national and regional borders in the Arctic. Participants in ECONOR IV are statisticians and researchers from the circumpolar ECONOR network. The editorial group is based at Statistics Norway (Iulie Aslaksen) in close cooperation with CICERO (Solveig Glomsrød) and Université Laval, Quebec, Canada (Gérard Duhaime). The main outcome of the project is the ECONOR IV report that will update and follow up previous ECONOR reports The Economy of the North (from 2006), The Economy of the North 2008 and The Economy of the North 2015. The ECONOR IV report, The Economy of the North 2020 will be published and presented at Arctic Frontiers 2021. ECONOR IV will have close cooperation with the Canadian research network Wealth of the Arctic Group of Experts (WAGE) and with Business Index North (BIN).

The planned effect of ECONOR IV on society is to improve circumpolar statistical and research knowledge base for policies for Arctic sustainable development (Impact). The planned effects for the target group of the project are enhanced policy through a relevant and useful ECONOR IV report for Arctic sustainability (Outcome).

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