Stemming from Project CREATeS under the Finnish chairmanship (2017-2019) which built on the Sharing Hope project from the Canadian chairmanship (2013-2015) and the RISING SUN initiative under the U.S. chairmanship (2015-2017), Local 2 Global aims to facilitate international collaboration and connections between circumpolar communities working to prevent suicide and support the mental wellbeing of all Arctic youth and communities, including Arctic Indigenous Peoples who have the highest rates of suicide in the Arctic. The project takes a holistic approach founded on the SDWG guiding principles of collaboration, concrete achievements, and inclusive engagement and activity. The project’s objectives are as follows:

  1. Youth and Community Capacity Building: to build youth and community capacity through participatory methods including Digital Storytelling Workshops.
  2. Promotion of Suicide Prevention Strategies and Policy: to promote the implementation of suicide prevention strategies by facilitating circumpolar knowledge exchange of evidence-based prevention.
  3. Adverse Childhood Experiences: to address links between adverse childhood experiences and suicide prevention through a research initiative.

The Arctic Council provides an ideal platform to strengthen circumpolar collaboration for suicide prevention across member states and with Permanent Participants and to increase awareness of suicide prevention strategies at the international level. The key outcomes of this project will be: strengthened youth participation in SDWG projects a strengthened circumpolar network of communities, frontline workers, and institutions working for suicide prevention and mental wellbeing of Arctic youth and communities, with emphasis on Indigenous Peoples; a deeper understanding of links between adverse childhood experiences and suicide; contributing to building youth and community capacity; facilitation of evidence-based, culturally-sensitive advocacy; and increased international awareness of suicide prevention efforts.

Given the emphasis that Arctic States place on mental wellness and suicide prevention and the importance of a sustained commitment to this goal, the Local 2 Global project will span a 4-year period throughout the Arctic Council chairmanships of both Iceland (2019-2021) and Russia (2021-2023).

Endorsed SDWG project proposal available HERE.

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Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Inuit Circumpolar Council, Gwitch'in Council International

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