One Health is an approach to assess health issues at the interface between humans, animals, and ecosystems. This project on Operationalizing a One Health approach in the Arctic (One Health) seeks to forge co-equal, all inclusive collaborations across multiple scientific disciplines and Arctic communities in order to enhance resiliency of the Arctic inhabitants through an enhanced understanding of climatic change impacts on health risks to people, animals, and the environment. This is a valuable strategy for the Arctic, where there is a great need to understand the complex nature of climatic change on the health of all of the Arctic. The One Health approach assesses the potential health effects at the human-animal-ecosystem interface and can greatly enhance scientific understanding of the threats to Arctic communities and ecosystems. It will contribute to the development of new tools for effective policies focused on reducing the burden of health threats and enhancing community resiliency. These include tools and methods for assessing vulnerability, screening and evaluation strategies, programs for climate risks assessments, identifying adaptation options, and weighing the costs and benefits of those options.

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