Solid Waste Management in Small Arctic Communities

The project goals and deliverables included:

  1. an examination of current best practices in solid waste management among the Arctic States;
  2. a determination of the potential need for policy actions to address waste management issues;
  3. assessing the potential for recycling/reusing plans that will lower waste and provide revenue, building on Indigenous traditions of “nothing wasted, everything used”;
  4. an examination of programs to educate communities and raise awareness about waste management and how changes can positively affect them; and
  5. an assessment of contaminants issues related to solid waste disposal in the Arctic.

This project operated under the auspices of the SDWG with close cooperation with ACAP which will provide expertise in articulating contaminants issues related to solid waste handling. In addition, the involvement of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) was invaluable in exploring the potential for public/private partnership approaches to waste management.

Project details
Completion date
Canada, Finland, AIA