The Arctic as a Food-Producing Region

This project is assessing the potential for increased production and added value of food from the Arctic, with the overarching aim of improving economic and social conditions of Arctic communities. By focusing on biological (climate change), commercial (commercial resources, infrastructure and resource and industry policy), cultural (food traditions and organization of food chains) and market conditions (local, national and international), this project will identify potential pathways for Arctic food production and distribution. The aim is to identify conditions for increased production, both to improve food security in northern regions, and to increase the added value of food originating in the Arctic both for local and southern markets. The aim is therefore twofold: 1) to enhance commercial food production ‘in the North and for the North’ and 2) to develop North to South food production linkages. Together these aims will lead to more sustainable food systems in the Arctic.

There are 5 project elements:

  • Inventory and Value Chain Assessment of selected food producers in the various regions
  • Indigenous Steering Committee to ensure engagement of Indigenous Peoples
  • Legal Analysis relating to commercialization of country foods
  • Cultural Impacts including impacts of over-harvesting, traditional behaviors, etc.
  • Regional Projects over harvesting, traditional behaviors.


Project details
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Canada, Norway, Iceland, GCI, ICC

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